Monday, May 4, 2009

YOU can help ME

I need YOUR help! There are now about 40 people viewing this site on any given day. Not bad after just one month "on the air" but I would like to make that number g r o W by leaps and bounds.

I need YOU to tell me what you want to see, read, and I am writing this blog for YOU— so Tell Me...Tell Me!!

Post a comment/opinion/rant...I DARE YOU.



Evelyn said...

I wanna know your relationship with the elements. The fine appreciation you have of dirt, and any other fun things you play with on your property! AND, you have to include six figures! (whoops, stick figures!)

Anonymous said...

...more photos of your creations!!!

Anonymous said...

The one 'secret to success' I don't see too many pro-bloggers mention is that when you do something real you get real traffic. It's one thing to write about it (ebook, blog, real book) it's an entirely different one when you do something real.

This can include things like photos of real projects, videos or real work, diy articles with real photos, drawings, plans, etc.

We want the real dirt man Show us the DIRT!!!


The Cheap-Ass Curmudgeon said...
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The Cheap-Ass Curmudgeon said...

Bob suggested that I should put up short "how to" videos as posts. Gotta buy the video camera first!
But good idea don't you think?

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