Friday, June 19, 2009

Have YOU got this disease?

It's not my fault...I've got a disease—a disease I've had to live with for over 10 years
now. It's called boredom. I'll bet some of you have it, too.

It's a
dis-ease with sameness. A dis-ease with our replicated, dull, assembly-line living.

Oh I know, the process of replication in the manufacturing, housing, textile and automotive industries has led to much more affordable goods—and services too. Thank you very much Henry Ford!

Mr. Ford's assembly line has crept into all areas of our lives bringing us not only cheaper cars, but cheaper food, cheaper housing, cheaper clothing...cheaper everything.

But as is true in all areas of life, every plus comes with a minus. In the process of making life more affordable for everyone, we've lost something.

That something is individuality, a uniqueness that sets us apart—each from the other.

Are you bored with your choices of cars? Cars that all have the same parts, share the same engines and all look alike—many being the exact same vehicle with the only difference being the name plate?

Are you tired of everyone always wearing the same styles, the same footwear, the need for everything to be the "in" thing? If no one else is wearing it, it must not look good.

Builders all use the same lumber—of the same dimensions and lengths. The sheet goods are all a perfect rectangle—each 4 feet wide and 8 feet long.

And so, our houses all look the same, too. I don't know about you...but it all dulls me out—puts me to sleep.

Sameness is rapidly expanding throughout the entire globe.

To deviate usually means you have to pay more...sometimes a lot more. But those of us who are afflicted with this dis-ease have a hard time living with the status quo. Something inside us needs to break out, be different, be unique.

The price we are willing to pay for being different varies from individual to individual, but for each of us the payoff is worth the price.

Do YOU have this dis-ease? If you're not sure, sometimes you can tell by the symptoms, though they may be lying dormant just below the surface, biding their time, waiting for the right moment to burst forth.

Here are just a few examples of the numerous symptoms this dis-ease can manifest. If you have one or more of the following, look out...other symptoms are sure to follow:

Do you "personalize" your vehicle so no one can say,
I drive the same thing?

Or do you eat and grow your own organic vegetables?

photo courtesy: Flying Concrete

Maybe your house isn't exactly normal on the outside...

"Round house" photo courtesy: That round house

...or the inside.

photo up, courtesy: Flying Concrete
photo right, courtesy:

Or, maybe you just dream of such things, a constant haunting of your soul, an itch you just can't allow yourself to scratch.

It isn't always easy to tell if you have this dis-ease. Sometimes the symptoms lie dormant till something triggers them, then...out they come.

If you think you might have this dis-ease, but you're not absolutely sure, you will want to order my book, The Cheap-Ass Curmudgeon's Guide™ to DIRT.

In it, you will find many more symptoms associated with this dis-ease:

- Creativity—you just can't stop thinking outside the "box"
- A fixation for obtainium
(making use of found objects)
- Square-corner phobia
- A
need to do things your own way
- A compulsion to always ask
- An aversion to building codes
- An obsession to do things as cheaply as possible
- And a host of other symptoms too numerous to mention here.

But that's not all. Inside, you'll also find the formula to "cure" what ails you—step by step instructions on just how to scratch that itch!

So if you think you have any of the early signs of these symptoms—one of which will be an overwhelming desire to find out more—you'll find yourself developing a
need to order this book—you'll just have to have it and you won't be satisfied till it's YOURS!

So, get your copy today, discover the's just a click away!


pippijewelry said...

I'm there with you! Nice to see a picture of my friend Samonberry's van, too! The inside is as cool as the outside.

Dang said...

Hi there, I love green building. Just wondering if your the house wouldn't have cracks in it since you didn't leave it dry to cure? The wet dirt will shrink and cause cracks. How do you deal with that problem?

Michael said...

Good question. You would think that cracking would be a problem but we have done many buildings this way and have not had a that happen. I suppose if you used a very high clay content in your mix it would be something to worry about more.

david said...

Hi there. Micheal is spot on about the clay content. the best thing to do if you intend to build with earth is to make any test blocks. Over time and selection you will work out a good mix that is strong and has little srinkage. If for some reason you can not mannage to find a mix that is satisfactory you may need to seek help and or consider another method of building with earth. Earthbags for eg.

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