Saturday, August 27, 2011


For those of you who can't quite make up your minds weather to download a copy of The Cheap-Ass Curmudgeon's Guide to Dirt...

Victoria in Cape Town wrote,

"I started reading The Cheap-Ass Curmudgeon's™ Guide to DIRT (I love the title!) at midnight, thinking I'd read a couple of pages and finish the rest in the morning. It was so interesting and exciting that I finished it in one sitting. Since then I have been telling anyone who will listen all about it.

Now that I've read your book I feel totally inspired to STOP researching and START doing! Thank you so much for your inspiring and, ahem, down to earth approach. With all the very best to you."

Ramji in India wrote,

"Congratulations on bringing out this fantastic and inspiring book. Bought this book a couple of hours ago, and I was hoping it would not disappoint. After having browsed through the book for the last couple of hours, am happy to say that the purchase was well worth it. Thanks once again and hope to stay in touch to keep you updated on our building adventures inspired by the Cheap Ass Curmudgeon :-) warmly, Ramji"

Josh wrote,

"I believe your method bridges the gap between ancient construction techniques and modern technology and its not just a theory or an account of something we believe to be true, its something you've experienced which is a huge wealth of knowledge."

Brad wrote,

"This is the best $19.95 I have ever spent on a construction related book!!! I have books covering every aspect of green building, but believe me this is pure genius."

Guy from New Mexico wrote,

"What an awesome book you produced. You nailed it. I can't wait to try out your method both with my sand & cement, and fibercrete. Keep up the incredible, funny and informational work."

Time to get off the fence. Get down and get your hands in the 'DIRT'.

Download your copy today! CLICK HERE

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Darien said...

I read and then I did. Your book was a great help to going out on my own and building what I wanted.

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