Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Looking out over the Tucson Valley
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This past Sunday evening, my wife and I decided to take a little trip up the mountain for a short hike. We went up about 14 miles to an overlook appropriately called "Windy Point".

We parked our car and headed off on one of the many trials leading out to a large boulder field atop a ridge where many go to watch the beautiful sunsets we have here in Tucson.

This is a place with many huge boulders often perched on top of one another. There were people milling about all over these mega-rocks despite the fact that if you aren't a bit mindful of where you're going, you could walk right off an edge to a not so comfortable landing.

I found myself appreciating our right to do this, to wander around this beautiful place taking responsibility for our own actions and our own lives. If I were to walk off the edge of a cliff here, it would not the fault of the state, forest service, or highway department for not keeping me out—it would be my own fault for being reckless or stupid. In my opinion, that is as it should be.

All to often now, we come to places such as these and find ourselves behind barriers and fences, facing numerous signs shouting "danger" or "no trespassing" and touting various fines for any violations. What we are left with is a chance to put 50 cents in a viewfinder and "experience" it all from a distance.

The freedom to watch out for ourselves and our own has been slowly eroding away. The sad thing is that it all comes from greed and blame—lawsuits.

For now, there art still places like this where we are free. I encourage you to get out there and enjoy them while you still can.

Photos by Monica Van Hall

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