Saturday, April 4, 2009


I have a goal of adding at least one Curmudgeon drawing each week to my blog. Monica, my wife, will be shooting pictures too. Both my drawings and her pictures will appear in my next book "Shacking Up" which I hope to have done by this coming fall.

Some of the first drawings you will see here will be from the first book, "The Cheap-Ass Cumudgeon's™ Guide to Dirt." These were the very first illustrations I have done. They were fun to create.

Here is one of my sister and I when we were just kids. We were raised on a farm way up in North Dakota. Here is how I remember us coming in from playing out in our haystacks dragging a bunch of straw into the house with us. We would get yelled at if we tracked mud and such into the house. We are trying to be quiet so our parents won't notice.


Evelyn said...

I love these... where's Gizmo?

Michael said...

He's coming. He holds a very high place of esteem around here.

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